Friday, 21 December 2007

Detroit Session Update

For those remotely interested, my Detroit session plans are coming along nicely. The plan is to cut three of my songs ‘Detroit’ style with some wonderful musicians and artists at a studio in the city early next year. Savings are coming along, and the budget plans are being worked on too. I have this notion of a string section and am working on the possibility of having them on all the songs selected to sweeten up the rhythm tracks for extra mixes etc. Singers are the next thing to consider as indeed, finalising my lyrics and how I perceive the song to ultimately sound.

I am also in the process of deciding which songs to take to Philadelphia next year too. The plan for Philly is to have one song recorded with that 1965 era Philly sound, which would have featured the likes of the Chamber brothers on guitar and drums, Vince Montana on vibes and arrangement by Richard Rome and more than likely recorded at 309 (Cameo Parkway) studios (where ‘At the top of the Stairs’ was recorded I believe!). One track I have sounds similar to a Len Barry production, which may qualify. The other two tracks will be either MFSB/Salsoul in sound (hopefully) or one of them a ‘non PIR’ sound Philly track if that makes sense. I am a big fan of Eli/Barrett productions of the early seventies like’ The Sons of Robin Stone’ for example. I have no lyrics yet for the Philly stuff and indeed no song titles as such, but I am getting there. ‘First Choice’ were great and I love that ‘Philly Groove’ production from the early 1970’s.

By the end of next year I want to have six songs with vocals and various mixes. Then, if they sound good enough, I will decide whether to press up some 45rpm records (as I have always wanted to go through that process) and CD’s. If this works out and anybody is interested they will be able to hear short, low bandwidth versions on my web site for scrutinising and consideration. I spoke to a record shop in London who were very encouraging and said they would possibly stock the product if it was their genre of music. They said it was unusual to have the writer of a song walk into the shop and ask before anything was recorded!

More news in the new year…..

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