Monday, 3 March 2008

Detroit Session Update March 2008

The Detroit session is nearly organised! This month I travel to the city for the long anticipated recording session of three, maybe four of my own compositions. My co producer has been showing me how the professionals coordinate and arrange such an event, which by all accounts is a little unusual. This, probably because I am self financing as a personal venture, but maybe with a view to releasing the material here in the UK should I get my head around how to do it.

Paying homage to the musicians and producers who gave me the music in the first place is my current goal, but there is a bigger picture and it becomes clearer each day. One thing for sure is that this music will have real people playing real instruments on it where possible. The session will have two drummers, two guitars, bass, percussion, horns and I really want real vibes too. I think if you want soul music, it comes from people playing and collaborating in a studio environment not loops and samples from a bedroom studio (which is where I do my demos strangely enough!). Proper music, played by proper musicians for proper people!

Another thing I have realised over the last few months is that the electronics associated with computers, audio capture, compression and streaming is changing the music business. The price of storage media being so cheap is making it possible to download and not pay for music etc without any regard or consideration for artists, writers or record labels intellectual property rights. This is very sad as I am sure most fans would want to pay their dues when listening to their favourite music. It seems that live events and merchandising generate revenue by more traditional methods and the recorded music just appears on mp3 and iPod players world wide by a number of good and bad means. It is a paradox where what seems like an honest person walking down the street listening to some recorded music they did not purchase, enters a shop and buys a bar of chocolate for a few pence and does not realise they have not paid residuals to anybody for those recordings blairing out in their ears!. This is a big problem and something I have to consider should I pursue the next phase of this event.

In the meantime, I am excited about the prospect of watching some of my heroes perform in a studio on my material. What more could an English soul fan ask for! This is long over due...

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