Wednesday, 7 March 2007

WFM Manchester do it again!

Radio to me whether at home, in the car or via the Internet is still a powerful medium to deliver the sound of music or talk radio. Even more so when ‘The Right Track Soul Show’ hosted by Has and Di each Tuesday evening from the studios of WFM Manchester, played my current endeavour on the airwaves last night the 6th March 2007. It was a total surprise to me as the song is not quite finished yet and still needs some work on it. However, Harry must have thought otherwise and gave ‘Glory Fleeting’ the thumbs up by playing it twice throughout the evening. Once in its entirety and another as the gig guide backing track (where my Internet connection lost it for 2 minutes!)

‘Glory Fleeting’ was written in 2004 as was known simply as ‘8’ for 2 years as I had no title. I was doing a project which needed 10 songs for a possible movie, which never happened (but may). Then after a conversation with my father about his life in the Royal Navy:

I decided that this song should have a title connected to the Navy and to those who risk their lives for us to be free. The lyrics are complete and now I am on the hunt for male vocalists who may be interested in this 1960’s style Detroit soul composition. I have an idea who may be interested and resides in 'D' Town! Here is the clip from 'The Right Track Soul Show' and ‘Glory Fleeting’ can be heard approximately 1min 28sec in:

'Listen to 'Glory Fleeting'

In addition, of great importance is the recent saxophone addition that has been mixed on the track was performed by legend George Katsakis and engineered by Brian Genoa in Detroit. This is a first for me and clearly something I feel may well be a route worth pursuing in future. Please read the blog entry below about George and visit his web site for more information about his extraordinary career in the music business.

My special thanks to Harry and Di, for making me shiver from top to toe so many times with the records they play I have never heard before and taking the trouble to consider new and refreshing endeavours from myself and others.


Anonymous said...

Glory Fleeting is absolutely authentic. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Interesting story and song. Good luck with it.