Monday, 26 March 2007

"Glory Fleeting"

'Glory Fleeting' has recently had some extra saxophone added to the 2 verses and may I say how highly delighted I am at the outcome. George Katsakis, and engineer Brian Genoa toiled again for me last week to provide the extra track of subliminal sax instrumentation that I thought would enhance the song although much lower in amplitude compared the main saxophone parts. Listen here to the latest version:

Glory Fleeting

I am also delighted to mention that last Tuesday, 20th March 2007, 'The Right Track Soul Show' on WFM opened their proceedings with the track as their talk-over bed, which again, was a lovely surprise. Listen here to the show opener:

WFM Show opener 20th March 2007

For more information on 'The Right Track Soul Show' go here:

The Right Track Soul Show

At present I am pursuing musicians and singers to help complete the project! More news when I have it!

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Anonymous said...

sounds great, carl!!