Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Glory fleeting........George Katsakis

My passion for an authentic sound, rather than a synthesiser, has recently moved up a rung or two on the ladder. This time with the help of musician George Katsakis in Detroit, some real saxophone tracks have been recorded for a new song of mine. I first met George in 2003 at 'Clawsons' where he appears regularly with the house band 'Three's Company' and then in Detroit again at The Soulful Tales sessions in 2006. His contribution to the music business over the many years of performing and recording have been extraordinary. He was an original founding member of 'The Royaltones' who had no less than three hit record instrumentals around the world. In addition the group played backing for none other that hit maker Del Shannon. I now have the chance to try and mix real sounds within one of my songs rather than synth ones, which in my opinion, cheapen a whole production. With talent around like George, it would be discourteous not to consider the heart and soul of an individual who could help bring a song alive and give it the momentum that real musicians can achieve! Here is Georges' home page details:


Stay tuned for the updates....

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