Thursday, 17 May 2007

The Four Tops v Viscount Oliver Millers Band

Hi everybody.

I think some of you may be aware of the dispute between The Four Tops and Viscount Oliver Miller's band which has been going on for many months over here. I am led to believe that litigation is taking place and understand that there is a concern that members of the public who attended some of Viscount Oliver Miller's concerts may have been under the mistaken belief they were seeing either the original Four Tops, one or more of the original Four Tops members, or a session singer who had performed on previous recordings or later albums for The Four Tops.
If any of you, or people you know, have attended performances by Viscount Oliver Miller and feel you were misled in some way, could you please private messenger me with the story?

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carl - nice site, like your stuff its a treat to hear. Regarding this Viscount bloke, I help run a club up North and we have him booked but we've only just found out that he's NOT in any way professionally related to The Four Tops, even tho thats that way he was presented to us, i.e. it was strongly suggested that he or someone in his outfit was, or had been, in the Four Tops line up at some time. We are currently debating whether to cancel the gig, but that would leave us with a pretty disappointed audience... Any suggesstions?