Friday, 14 August 2009

Double Exposure & 'Soul Recession'

I am getting excited. The Philly material has come on leaps and bounds and the 'Double Exposure' track "Soul Recession" and various mixes will soon be for sale. I have been lucky enough to have been to Philadelphia for the second leg of my project last September and worked with legendary writer, guitarist, producer Bobby Eli and amazingly in his own studio on a number of songs. What a thrill to be with him and watch how the professionals craft the song from start to finish. I have learnt so much about studio etiquette and procedures as well as song writing. I always maintained that it was the musicians who give the sparkle to the recordings and I think I am right. The magic that took place in Bobby's' studio is evident in the quality of the song writing and hooks that came up throughout the session.

When 'Double Exposure' came into the studio to learn and rehearse the song, things started to fall into place. They came up with fantastic harmonies and ideas that enhance the song and make it a masterpiece, well, that's my opinion! Bobby has spent countless hours mixing and mastering to get things just right and soon, there will be a number of exciting mixes for sale as digital download in the first instance, plus a CD to follow. We may even press up some celebratory 12" records with a two fold view of respecting the very first artists who had a release on a 12" record back in 1976 -'Double Exposure'!! And of course the format, which even though it is 2009, is still going strong. We have also been joined by Tom Moulton and John Morales who have created very special mixes that give their interpretation to the song. So whether for the car, the club, the iPod, the pub, there will be a version of 'Soul Recession' that will fit the bill. More news soon....stay tuned.
Double Exposure: Soul Recession


Michael B. said...

Thanks Mr. Dixon for keeping us informed with Double Exposure. I know and worked with Double Exposure back in the day! And had a lot of fun working with them, maybe they mentioned me Michael B. I was the groups M.C. I heard the song Soul Recession, as well as others and it fits right in with whats going on right now I look forward to the release of there new CD. Maybe we will all be back on the road again one more time!

Jay Negron said...

Carl, do you know when this release will be available????

Carl Dixon said...

The tracks will be available as soon as CD Baby distribute them to Amazon iTunes etc.