Saturday, 21 March 2009

CDO -'"Don't tell your mama" - A Bandtraxs Production

I am now at the exciting next level with the release of my Detroit material. Yesterday I uploaded a track called "Don't tell your mama" by CDO to an aggregator, who will place the tune for sale in iTunes, Amazon and a host of other digital stores worldwide. This test will prove the functionality available with saleable digital media, so I can swiftly release some of the Detroit recordings I cut last year, without the headache of what button I should press next! I still would very much like to press 45rpm records and that, for the moment is on hold due to the terrible dollar rate. More news and a press release, when the above track has finally reached the public.

Purchase "Don't tell your mama" in the UK here.
Purchase "Don't tell your mama" in the US here.

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