Tuesday, 17 February 2009

British music rights agencies

Well, I have to confess that over the last few months I have learnt much about the music business and frankly it frightens me to death. How on earth do musicians and artists make a living these days with the state of sales around the world? Their music almost becoming worthless as prices drop for MP3's etc and the extinction of the CD - maybe. I read the CD is 'nearly' dead, except that it is making a revival in South America because artists are taking to the streeets to sell the physical copy face top face with hopeful fans of their music with a view to attracting them to live gigs. Maybe that is the solution with my songs!

I really want to ensure that I do my homework on the performing rights and writer royalty issue I have been so worried about. My final quest before I commit money to press up the Detroit singles is to investigate the PPL, here in the UK. This agency acts on behalf of record labels and performers. If I can crack this nut, I will press up 500 singles of each Detroit recording and then upload to iTunes and Amazon and see what happens. I will send out a press release to radio stations and use blogs, facebook and forums to get the word out about these great songs and artists! Then the fun will begin......

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