Thursday, 17 July 2008

There's that Beat' - rare soul magazine article

Hi everybody

For those interested the above has a short article regarding my Detroit session in March and how it all came about.

"For many soul fans the city of Detroit was the hub of a network of musicians that created the sounds of soul that spread to UK and beyond back in the day. For one soul fan it became more than that. Carl Dixon tells There’s That Beat! of his journey from soul fan to songwriter/record producer in D-Town. A lifelong ambition that I’m sure will resonate with many a reader . We’ll be keeping an eye on Carl’s fortunes as he makes his way through the quagmire of the business whilst maintaining the production values of the golden age of soul."

For purchase information and details go here:

Plus there will be loads of other great articles to read and catch up on!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you've got an article... that'll boost your profile in the market place :o)