Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bandtraxs project

The above is a snippet of 'Tell me (crying over you)' by Bandtraxs featuring Spyder Turner.

It is just over 2 months since I returned from Detroit with 4 masters of songs recorded at Studio A/Dearborn Heights. I have been investigating how I can release the material here in the UK and indeed the US. Now that the CD single is just about dead, I am proposing 7” vinyl for bespoke collectors who still enjoy the format and mp3 downloads via a digital media aggregator. The 7” vinyl will be sold in some record shops hopefully as well an Ebay store which is already standing by for the first shipment. What does concern me however, is the aggregators’ percentage they take from the retail-selling price. To see prices as low as 79p in the UK and 99 cents in the US less about 30% charges for the service I feel music production is becoming the poor relation to the entertainment industry and the victim of media exploitation. Take the American scenario where I would earn about 35p before I pay UK tax and production/singing royalties I am bound (and want) to pay.

Stay tuned for the band website and more information soon….

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