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'Guess he's just an old friend' featuring The Delgonives


'Guess he's just an old friend'

featuring The Delgonives

Bandtraxs Records - released 18/8/2024

This original song written in 2002 and commercially available for the very first time with updated instrumentation and backing vocals featuring 'The Delgonives'. Originally this song was entered into the Eurovision Song Contest over ten years ago, but has had a refurbishment in recent months with a view to making it available to retro beach music fans and those with a discerning ear for good music just like it used to be. The song is extremely danceable and fits in nicely with a 1960/70's playlist. There is a Motown undercurrent throughout the song similarly to something the studio may have come up with around 1966.

Title: Guess he's just and old friend
Writer: Carl Dixon
Published by: CHD Publishing
Artist: Leah Cammell featuring The Delgonives
Label: Bandtraxs
ISRC number: GBXNE1400003
UPC: 889211060757
Artwork photo: Carl Dixon
Sleeve art: Michelle Dixon
This release: 18th September 2014
Recording location: London

Carl Dixon

Drum elements for The Drummers of Motown
Uriel Jones/Pistol Allen/Jack Ashford

Arranged, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Carl Dixon

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© Carl Dixon 2014

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