Friday, 8 March 2013

'Make Five' by Bandtraxs finally released 1st March 2013

Hello everybody

Just a quick advisory about my new album release called 'Make Five' by the artist name  'Bandtraxs'. This has been a labour of love since 2009 writing five new instrumental songs and producing them with a retro disco feel. The title track 'Make Five' and writing five new songs in this style was the original concept for the material, the name being a play on words with a song called 'Take Five'. The difference being the number of songs rather than the beats per bar in the groove!

In effect these are elaborate demos with a view to one day maybe recording a full orchestra for real, plus of course write lyrics and produce vocal versions in the future. The productions on the 'Make Five' album are styled in such a way that they are evocative of the mid 1970's disco era and especially those instrumentals by the likes of 'Love Unlimited' or 'MFSB'. Clearly, these tracks are nowhere near the high quality output these orchestras released, as I believe they are in a league of their own with their differing styles and can never be surpassed. Nevertheless, my endeavors here are to write and be creative producing interesting melodies, counter melodies and instrumentation that it reminiscent of an influential era in popular music. 

You may glean that there are two mixes of each song to enjoy. The alternate mix is simply missing a few instruments here and there, which gives the groove a slightly different dynamic. Using technology of the day, I hope I have created something of worth and enjoyable to the listener, retro in style and showcasing my passion for this music.

Below are the Soundcloud links for the main mixes. Feel free to listen and enjoy. If you are curious about the songs, please ask. There is normally a story behind each of my compositions and I would be happy to engage. They are already for sale on CD Baby and iTunes and soon to follow on Amazon and all streaming media solutions like Spotify etc.

Ultimately of course, I would like airplay and sales to help finance my involvement in making this music. Therefore I ask on air talent to consider playing any of the tracks within their programming if they feel it appropriate. All songs will be registered with the song writing and label societies accordingly. Each track has its own ISRC number, which is one the legal registrations for the sound recording and label owner. If you know any talent that maybe interested in the songs please make them aware! Send me a private message if you know air programming that would benefit from this style of music and I can send you Dropbox links.

Make five

Side tracked

Double up

A little of the big stuff

Walk away the winner

Thank you
Carl Dixon

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