Friday, 1 August 2008

Philadelphia - Phase 2 of my dream sessions

Now that my Detroit session is complete, I can concentrate on how to sell the product to potential soul fans. Not being in the record business does not help, but over the last few months I have gleaned valuable information about all sorts of things. For example record distribution is an art. Somebody else takes care of the delivery and financial issues whilst I concentrate on writing more songs. Distribution is expensive, and I am wondering whether the small run of vinyl I will do, does not simply justify it being sold from the Bandtraxs web site and Ebay. The mp3's are earmarked for 7digital who have a number of interesting services and report PRS/PPL too! Phase 2 of my sessions is almost upon me. I still have lyrics to write for the three songs that will go to Philadelphia for the Philly treatment. This year I would like to get both sessions under my belt for a number of personal reasons, and it will also give me a well earned rest for the end of the year and allow me to concentrate on the business side of this, which by the way I never really intended to do. It should be 'mission accomplished', but I see the story moving on with all sorts of twists and turns. More news on Philadelphia very shortly.........

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