Monday, 21 May 2007

Detroit Session

I have been seriously considering going over to Detroit and Philadelphia to produce some of my songs with the amazing talent that resides over there. This life long ambition of mine is slowly taking shape with the all important budget considerations taking place right now. As I am not in the business I hope to collaborate with those who can ensure a swift and wonderful experience for me resulting in at least 3 songs per city....I hope!

My first port of call will be Detroit for a number of reasons. Philadelphia will follow as soon as funds are available, as this is all self financed at the moment. At present this is a personal goal which I decided to do as far back as 1974 whilst stood on the dance floor at Baileys disco in my home town of Hull. It was to be a big thank you gesture to those in the business who have inspired me in the first place. I was always hopeful I would meet some of my heroes and on a number of instances it happened!

More news when I have it!

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